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An exclamation half-way between "sheesh" and "jeez", used to express exasperation.
eesh, I did it again....
by Hyder March 27, 2005
Eesh is a greek term from mythologists during the 10th century. It is a verbal illustration of distress or exclamation in a negative light.
Phil: "Dude oh my god, I forgot to hand in my philosophy paper to Ms. Miller!"
Galen: Dude...
Chris: She is going to SLAY you!
(Collectively): Eesh...
by ChrisDISHTALO February 26, 2008
Any sort of food that an adult is eating.
ZouZou: EEesh
Shisha: Man he must be hungry?
ZouZou: Eesh! Eesh!
by lazeryag1986 January 22, 2011