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Legendary, awesome person. Cool, funny, attractive, nice, smart, fast, strong. Its the definition of a perfect person.
"I met the perfect man!"
"Of course! Who else?!"
"You are blessed!"
by Jaydeeos November 19, 2011
38 10
a tool. a jew. (see tool). Can also be used as a predicate nominative as in (Man that was so edvard)
Stop being such an edvard
by JohnmeisterJ November 01, 2004
32 41
a cool dude who smells like crap. Fairly often associated with jews. Seen on as a tool.
-Hey dude, can you give me the edvard?

- Woah, man, did you just do an edvard? It smells here..
by Danskepolsen April 04, 2011
9 24