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(Or the phonetic glyph 'ae') Shorthand of Encyclopedia Dramatica (encyclopediadramatica.com), teh funnayz wiki hate site; evar! It features quite knowledgeable, polished and refined fanzine articles with a plethora of multimedia content, alongside thought out definitions and witty socio-political commentary; mostly about the current internet drama subculture. Only the exalted victors of the e-worlds are allowed to edit its illustrious pages, filled with the magnificently exquisite nectar of their lulzeries. Meaning; lulzy fagxrz poxerz haxorz shit; wikipedos... do not want! we pwnxr yu!!!!11! (banned anonymous amirite) Add to everything ED related.

(Dubious disclaimer: This definition was also written for the lulz!)
These silly EDiot EDitors think that because they are somewhat funnay they can get away with murder; they are asking for it; had not being doing it for the lulz!
by mayor_lulzer May 11, 2008
Ed is short for Edward Edminton and Edvard.

Eds tend to be very athletic and mature enjoying sports and music and generally being very good at both.

Eds as boyfriends are loving, sweet, great in bed, and not stingy when it comes to presents.

Although eds can be hotheaded, they are also hardworking, loyal and have an amazing sense of humour making them great friends to have.

"Hey who is that guy?"
"He's my friend Ed"
"Awh he must be cool"

"Ive got an amazing boyfriend called ed"
by KMON2492 April 18, 2009
ED, aka erectile dysfunction.
suffering from ed is nothing to be ashamed of.
by Dr. Ed Gallagher March 04, 2005
An arrogant son of a bitch who thinks hes always right
Look at that guy, hes acting like an Ed.
by dalej88 May 22, 2008
short for eating disorder
She's a girl with ed.
by Angie Pangie September 21, 2005
Explosive Diarrhea. Only to be used in serious circumstances
I have serious ED. I have to go visit Ed. Ed had a serious talk with me last night after my gigantic burrito
by PC girls December 30, 2004
Acronym of "Evel Dick" or "Evil Dick"; a contestant on Big Brother 8 and Los Angeles bar manager. Real name is Richard Donato. Father of Daniele Donato, who was also a contestant on Big Brother 8.
"I want to be sitting next to ED in the final two."
by Kayla Franklin August 29, 2007
abbreviation for the health condition known as erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is where it is harder for a man to achieve an erection. (Impotence).

Drugs that can be used to help ED include
Viagra(sildenafil citrate)
Vicerex (apparently you can use this one with alcohol)
Since I have ED, it is hard for me to get hard.
by TylerNT May 22, 2006