A douche bag who poses as the "outdoorsy" type.
Ed said that his typical day consists of eating granola, putting on sunscreen and a hat, going on a bike ride, and taking pictures of nature. What a poser.
by activialight27 May 23, 2011
Erroneous Diarrhea- When you get diarrhea and you have no idea where it came from.
-Dude, I just had some serious Diarrhea
-What was it from?
- No clue, just some ED
by jgreenerhickey March 07, 2010
explosive diahhrea

unlike normal diahhrea E.D causes the water and waste to splash up makin it quite uncomfortable..
"what the hell are you doin in there!"
"i have E.D!"
"UGH!..take a shower!"
by E.T December 18, 2006
Ed is the standard text editor bundled with most Unix and Unix-like systems (Linux, for example.) Superior to Emacs and vi in every way.
Ed is the standard text editor.
by Goddamnit January 06, 2007
When a person enjoys being dominated so much that you will often be willing to act as a sexual slave for an entire lifetime. One of ed's specialities is sodomising while cooking scrambled eggs!
Oi how u want ur eggs? "with a slice of that ass, ed"
by Edvard October 23, 2006
"Electronic Device"
A term used for an electronic aid in masturbation.
See also B.O.B.
"Ooo girl! I had a threesome with B.O.B. and E.D.!"
by PhoenixXx69 May 31, 2005
verb, to apply Early Decision to college in an attempt to beat out the rest of the private-school pack. Most frequently employed by those in prep school.
Where are you EDing?
OMG, me too!
by Stefan November 20, 2003
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