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The cutest man alive. He's also a drummer in a British band 'The Darkness'.
<Person 1> He's got sexy hair, a sexy body, a cute personality, he's a great drummer and he rocks! I want to do him so much...

<Person 2> Who?

<Person 1> Ed Graham.
by iluvmybathroom13 October 05, 2004
1. Quiet, Sweet, Artistic, Intelegent Male, Who is dedicated to Music
2. Drummer from Britain's number one rock band, The Darkness
3. See also 'Sexiful'
Ed Graham is Sexiful
by Lilly March 09, 2004
Strong silent type drummer in the Darkness. Rarrr! Doesn't say a lot, but then it's quality not quantity.
See that Ed Graham? What an Ed Graham... Rarrr!
by Yumtastic January 23, 2004
The man behind the drums in The Darkness but quite possibly the most gorgeous drummer, aside from Larry Mullen Jr (U2), there ever was. Black hair, brown eyes, cute nose and a sexy body...mmm, mmm, mmm!
Oooh I'd love an Ed Graham right about now!
by Helen (Helsy) January 12, 2005
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