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Another way of saying "Oh my god".
O MAI GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You beastly creature :(
by iluvmybathroom13 October 07, 2004
A name for a person that's very ugly.
Hello Trog, my dear.
by iluvmybathroom13 October 26, 2004
A Gonk is 2 things:

1- It’s another name for a troll (a toy monster thing with sticky up hair)

2- It’s a person that looks retarded with big glasses like jam jar bottoms and snorts like a pig.
1- Waaaaaah, I’ve broken my gonk :(

2- Eww! Look at that gonk!
by iluvmybathroom13 October 26, 2004
The cutest man alive. He's also a drummer in a British band 'The Darkness'.
<Person 1> He's got sexy hair, a sexy body, a cute personality, he's a great drummer and he rocks! I want to do him so much...

<Person 2> Who?

<Person 1> Ed Graham.
by iluvmybathroom13 October 05, 2004
A baby gonk. (An ugly baby with big, googly, bulging eyes)
Aww, look at that gonklet.
by iluvmybathroom13 October 26, 2004

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