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What do people mean when they say "preppy" (and I'm not talking about the slutty Abercrombie-type prep that everyone seems to talk about here).....?

Preppy as in boarding schools and summers on nantucket. Preppy as in WASP and old money. As in LL Bean fur moccasins and ribbons in your hair, and flip-flops when it's 10 degrees outside. As in sailing and Topsiders and looking back on your house from your boat and being so, so happy. Preppy as in buying clothes not for the label but for what they look like. Preppy as in collars up and Nantucket Red shorts faded to pink. As in crew, tennis, squash, lacrosse. As in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine. As in Ivy League and prep schools with the word "academy" in their names.

As you can probably tell, I've had a lot of experience with this sort of person...and I suppose I am one...but so what if I summer on the Cape and wear blue seersucker and play tennis? Preppy is not a trend, it's a LIFESTYLE...it can never go out of fashion. There will always be people trying to emulate the preppy clothes and thinking they are preps, but really it's about your background and your education and where you summer. Not everyone who wears Lilly is a prep-- there is certain fashion that preppies usually wear, but that doesn't mean someone can just pop their collar and pretend they went to Groton or Choate.
"Preppy is a lifestyle, not a clothing style," Bitsy sighed as she observed the West Coast girls trying to pull off Reds. Her friend Buffy nodded before they resumed their tennis game.
by Lilly April 21, 2004
a form of masturbation: when a girl puts her clitoris against running water, usually a running bath, and orgasms.
i have water orgasms every time i shower.
by lilly September 27, 2003
A beautiful town, probably the MOST beautiful town in all of the luxurious Fairfield County. Its charming Main Street is lined with a plethora of clothing boutiques, restaurants of fine dining, pricey jewelry stores, glamorous flower shops, expensive hair salons, expensive toy stores, and fine wine shops. If you cannot already tell, this town and ALL of it's people (even the Ridgefield "poor") are extremely wealthy in comparison with the rest of the country as well as CT’s seven other counties. This wealth is evident everywhere you look. It is especially evident in the houses as well as in the people. Many of the houses are old colonial homes or either newly built custom-designed multi-million dollar mansions. The people also carry around an air of pretension, though a majority of Ridgefield’s residents are welcoming. Since the children have a lot of money (both from their parents and jobs they are forced to get to learn responsibility) they are able to afford pricey drugs such as heroin and cocaine, as well as a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages. Though this is a problem, as Fairfield County is the nation’s county with the highest drug and alcohol consumption, it can be overlooked by the great achievements made by the town’s students. Some achievements are that a good percentage of the high school seniors each year are accepted and sent off to Ivy League schools, anything lower than a 1300 on the SATs is considered terrible, and many state championships are won, especially in Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse, Cross-country and skiing. But this is obviously because the parents can afford expensive private tutors for both academics and athletics. Oh and every next person drives a Jeep, it's a fact of life!
"Ridgefield, CT - You dream it, we live it"
by Lilly April 12, 2005
So sexy, it makes you want tbe insane.
Benny and Joon...says all.
by Lilly January 15, 2004
beer its liquid bread its good 4 u
im gonna drink till i speww ewwwww
by lilly June 14, 2004
1. Quiet, Sweet, Artistic, Intelegent Male, Who is dedicated to Music
2. Drummer from Britain's number one rock band, The Darkness
3. See also 'Sexiful'
Ed Graham is Sexiful
by Lilly March 09, 2004
urk. ppl who wear tracksuits (evry day) an tops dat say "BOSTON" who knows y. they hang round shopping centres, not buying n e thing apart from a big mac. girl townies ave fake louie vuiton bags that r the size of ur hand. sum of them have dummies, hung round their necks on string (in amongst the keys and phone also hangind there), probably for their 3 children. boy townies have fake burbery caps pointin to da sun (although they mostly come out at night, like wearwolves), so therefor there is no point of them.they ride little bikes, so their knees touch their chin.they think theyre "wicked man init" but "naaarrrrrrr mannnnn dey aint init"
townie 1 : so like wat dya wanna do?
townie 2 : u startin on me? u startin?????? u want some BEEF?
townie 1 : oooooo u wan some beef i givin ya some BEEF"!!!!!!
passer-by : do you think he is offering that boy a burger?
townie 1 and 2 : ya startin on me????? i bash ya up maaannnnn !
by lilly August 03, 2004
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