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Release 2.1 of Google's Android.

2.0 was also called Eclair, but this release never made it to the market. Bluethooth, digital zoom, Maps, browser and contact lists were among the improvements compared to Donut.

Eclair is Android's biggest success so far (October 2010), Froyo might beat Eclair and is bound to beat iPhone as well.
A: Do you want an eclair?

B: Oh my, are we serving posh candy today?
by Milanifan October 16, 2010
An eclair is when a white male and anything with an anus engage in butt sex. The person on the receiving end of the pole then poops on the male counterpart's penis while the man ejaculates. The penis of the male is the bread of the eclair, the fecal matter is the chocolate on top, and the ejaculated white substance is the cream filling.
Savannah totally gave Sam an eclair last night.
by cross the applesauce November 09, 2011
When one violently vomits and shits at the same time. Leaving the individual's empty. Imagine squashing an eclair and watching the creamy center fly out of both ends.
Nick had food poisoning and eclaired all over my bathroom last night.
by AllShitsNoGiggles July 06, 2014
A sexual act where a male ejaculates into a woman's mouth and shits on her head making the shit the chocolate the ejaculate the cream and the woman the bread
Sophie: David totally eclaired me last night

Michelle: eww that's gross
by Gozone October 12, 2014
An attractive, adorable, young gay woman. The stereotypical éclair is 18-25, slender with curves, often blonde, dresses in club wear even at 10:00 AM, and is not particularly intelligent. An éclair is the girl equivalent to the twink.
I'd like you to meet my éclair...I mean, my girlfriend.
by Phrisky August 18, 2008
An Éclair is a variation of the Blumkin. Instead of pooping however, one tries to vomit on top of the head of the lady sucking their penis at the time of orgasm. Creating a Glaze on top of the head, and filling the inside with cream.
If you want to give your lady an Eclair, this is how you would do it. When you start to feel like you are about to orgasm, stick your finger down your throat so you can vomit on your felaciator at the exact moment of your 'Ba struaghmp!' This skill may take time to coordinate, so practice at home before taking this signature move to the streets.
If you are ever successful in turning the misses into an éclair, you will have only moments until her initial shock wears off. We suggest you use this precious time to pull up your pants and run because she will attempt to murder you after she wipes off her glaze and spits out the cream filling. The combination of purging and exercise is also a great way to lose weight.
by Pgartnerx January 29, 2009
Similar to when people call others 'Oreos' where someone is black on the outside but white and nerdy on the inside. An eclair is this: Black on top (skin color) White inside (Nerdy and uncool) yellow on bottom (small package) A major diss.
Dude Michael is such an eclair, i bet he still lives with his mom.
by tehPyro September 15, 2008
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