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An Éclair is a variation of the Blumkin. Instead of pooping however, one tries to vomit on top of the head of the lady sucking their penis at the time of orgasm. Creating a Glaze on top of the head, and filling the inside with cream.
If you want to give your lady an Eclair, this is how you would do it. When you start to feel like you are about to orgasm, stick your finger down your throat so you can vomit on your felaciator at the exact moment of your 'Ba struaghmp!' This skill may take time to coordinate, so practice at home before taking this signature move to the streets.
If you are ever successful in turning the misses into an éclair, you will have only moments until her initial shock wears off. We suggest you use this precious time to pull up your pants and run because she will attempt to murder you after she wipes off her glaze and spits out the cream filling. The combination of purging and exercise is also a great way to lose weight.
by Pgartnerx January 29, 2009

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