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An Austrailian monotreme that looks like a hedgehog, but with an enlongated snout. Lays eggs.
The echidna is a mammal and is not to be confused with the enchilada, a Mexican food item.
by AngryAmishMafia May 26, 2004
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A half-snake, half-human woman from Greek mythology. Hates Australians for naming a cute mammal after her.
Echidna was unforgiving as she fiercely ate all the hedgehog-looking creatures she could find.
by itsawhatsit March 29, 2011
when a man moons over far enough his tockley sticks out like an Echidna's snout
Hey show us yer Echidna ya mad roota!
by The Werewolf November 24, 2004
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