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In a big place by the name of cyberland.. hehehe is also known as jejeje. the H's are replaced by J's.
eg: hehehe = jejeje.
jejeje is used when you laugh.
"omg! my sister forted" jejeje
by James Bryant December 29, 2004
Modifying your computer's case by removing the bland beige paint and painting it black with flames (or whatever you want!) adding extra fans and windows, cleaning up your inside wiring with plastic tubing, and then watercooling your CPU or videocard. Started out with Lan gaming fans who wanting to trick out thier rigs but its now spreading to the mainstream.
Adding Neons etc...
"wow you modded your case - cool case modding dude"
by James Bryant December 22, 2004
Jiney is the nickname for Vagina.
"OMG! i think i have pimples up my jiney!"
by James Bryant December 22, 2004
An EBB is a Electric BB gun.. They are shittest pistols in the whole entire world - my throwing range is better than their shooting range.
EBB's are used in the best sport in the world - Airsoft.

"OMG! i just learnt that my EBB is pitafull!"
by James Bryant December 22, 2004
jejaje means hehahe!! :D
which is said when someone laughs jejejeje
that was funny James Bryant Jejaje!!
by James Bryant December 29, 2004
what a maori uses to cook food - because he or she cant afford an oven.
They cook the food under the ground, using steam. And it tastes real bad.
look over there eoh - they are having a hungi.. eoh rangi we should go and get us a feed eoh!
by James Bryant December 22, 2004
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