One of the most well-known members of the rap group N.W.A. (Niggaz With Attitude) from Compton, California. N.W.A. is know most for their breakthrough album in gangsta rap, Straight Outta Compton. Eazy-E was most likely the fan favorite member of the group during N.W.A.'s hayday. Even after his death in 1995 (from AIDS), Eazy-E's legacy lived on through Bone Thugz N Harmony, a rap group from Cleveland, founded by Eazy-E. The Bone Thugz are known for their light, quick rapping style, shown in such songs as The Thuggish Ruggish Bone, and Crossroads. Eazy-E's name is mentioned in several Bone Thugz songs, making it impossible for his contributions to gangsta rap to be forgotten.
Eazy-E was an unforgettable part of N.W.A..
by Zuke August 30, 2006
Shortest OG in history.

Words can't describe his pure geniousness. This fool stayed true to the old skool. Locs wearing, jheri curls sporting, dopeman outfit wearing gangster rapper. Without him there wouldn't be NWA, Knocc Out, Dresta, Bone Thugs, etc.
Released some funky ass tracks in which he dissed the fuck out of that homo Dre.

This man is missed, and will be missed as long as there will be music.

Time to bring back the G-Funk era.

Rest In Paradise
Eric "Eazy-E" Lynn Wright
(September 7, 1963–March 26, 1995)
Listen to Mr. Doctor, Brotha Lynch and Eazy-E, bitch.
Fuck new music, fuck the dirty south.

Wear a Jimmy-hat.

Ruthless for life.
by Eazy-W January 24, 2008
who ever thinks dre is better there fucken idiots...go look up a bio on eazy e...dre is a studio gangsta dre is a fucken piece of 60 pound shit...he needs to walk cpt and talk the talk otherwise he needs to shut his nigger ass up
Hi im dr.dre i think im better than eazy e
by mikek November 09, 2005
eazy e is a gangsta rapper from eastside compton he got jumped in to kelly park crips he didnt have worst life but didnt have the best either also had good parents he started selling drugs for money when he had enough money he formed ruthless records and collaborated wit ice cube mc ren dj yella and dr.dre then they started doin shows all around compton and la even in enemy terittories and the n they started sellin there mixtapes and albums to swat markets eazy was born in 63 n died in 95 r.i.p. eazy gangsta azz locc
eazy e grew up in compton bustin caps at tha cluckas
by thug nigga December 23, 2007
The man who put gangsta before rap, the man who beated up Dr Dre lyrically in their beef, the guy who would break snitches like The Game and 50 Cent and pussies like ludacriss, nas and jay z down and would show what rap is all about. This nigga is the one and only one from the CPT.
Todays a good day to die! (lady screaming)
Bow wow wow yippie yo yeppie yah
Suck on these nuts nigga suck on these nuts
I tell em bow wow wow yippie yo yeppie yea
Suck on these nuts nigga suck on these nuts
Ain't nuthin but Eazy baby
He'll smoke two niggas cuz they crazy
Talk a gang of shit but it dont phase me
That punk nigga Dre still pays me

It's on - Eazy E
by 187Crip July 21, 2006
whoeva says Dr. Dre roolz is a frign h0m0 . . not dat im homophobic its just dat Dr. was a homo & if u didnt no dat how can u like him so much witout knowin his biggest secret? DR. DRE WAS EAZY'S BIACH FACE IT U DUMASSES!! AND PUBLIC ENEMY ISNT GANSTA RAP LMFAO . . wdf r u thinkin..
Dre was Eazy's biach u got it messed up
by DR. DRE WAS A DRAG QUEEN!!!! August 08, 2004
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