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Shortest OG in history.

Words can't describe his pure geniousness. This fool stayed true to the old skool. Locs wearing, jheri curls sporting, dopeman outfit wearing gangster rapper. Without him there wouldn't be NWA, Knocc Out, Dresta, Bone Thugs, etc.
Released some funky ass tracks in which he dissed the fuck out of that homo Dre.

This man is missed, and will be missed as long as there will be music.

Time to bring back the G-Funk era.

Rest In Paradise
Eric "Eazy-E" Lynn Wright
(September 7, 1963–March 26, 1995)
Listen to Mr. Doctor, Brotha Lynch and Eazy-E, bitch.
Fuck new music, fuck the dirty south.

Wear a Jimmy-hat.

Ruthless for life.
by Eazy-W January 24, 2008
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