The realm of Albion.
Krelnar: Damn, sorcs are over powered in Albion.
Saberwulf: Yeah, easy mode.
by Saberwulf December 29, 2004
Top Definition
Term utilized, and popularized, by a high schooler as a remark at something that is considered easy.
"Man, 3 pointers, easy mode!"
"Take that easy mode shot."
by heylookmechinese December 06, 2008
Pertains to any number of easy-to-play/popular World of Warcraft classes and/or arena team combinations in World of Warcraft. Popular examples are restoration druids, holy paladins, holy priests, and warlocks of all kinds. Also sometimes known as flavor of the month.
"OMG, easy mode resto drood sl/slock couldnteven beet us! wtfpwned! LOLLERBLADES!!!!111!1!"

"I'm sick of playing all these easy mode restoration druid/affliction warlock teams that sit at the top of the arena ladder."
by Kyle Critchfield November 16, 2007
Characters made under the Alliance faction in World of Warcraft.
The Alliance has already finished the new raid? Damned easy mode.
by m477z0r November 30, 2005
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