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Earley is named after the great Jarrod Earley, pioneer of our times. To do an Earley means to faint or pass out in order to get yourself out of a tricky situation, most commonly an exam, but could be any random situation
Jessam: Damn, how gay was that Maths Methods exam? I completed only 58.07% of the questions and spent 13.91% of my time drawing pictures of gender-specific houses!
Jordy: Geez girl I know! I was seriously considering doing an Earley to get myself out of there!
Jessam: I feel you. Maths Party at mine?
Jordy: Fer Sure
by Jzm August 03, 2007
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To hook up with or take advantage of an intoxicated or otherwise impaired female while being sober.
Origin unknown, but it is believed to originate from the name of someone who frequented this practice.
She was wasted, but he hadn't had a drop to drink. He definitely pulled an Earley.
by Barrald November 26, 2006

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