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When you pull a girls head towards your penis for a blowjob then suddenly turns her head and jabs the ear.
I was trying to get my girl to give me head, but for some strange reason she wanted me to poke her ear.....
by MicJaiy May 15, 2005
1. Sticking your Penis in one's ear.
2. Rubbing your ear lobe on one's penis.
Kenfield likes to have Ear Sex.
by N/A October 27, 2003
The sensual and unspoken act of inserting ones penis into an ear cavity. Ear penetration can spread STDs, so, use an ear diaphragm.
Mike - "Did you guys hook up last night or what?"
Ned - "Oh man, the best earsex of my life last night. So hot right now."
by recipher July 30, 2005
when a weird ass boy thinks it's okay to stick their dick into a girls ear and try to have sex in it. It resembles giving head only in your ear.
KRIS: Why did you stick your penis in my ear?
GLESE: I wanted to have ear sex!
by SHITSME August 04, 2009
having sex with a girl and ramming it in her ear.
Woman: IIIII u just poked it in my ear.

Dude: I know, it was tight. Its called ear sex.
by Ren_Walker_ November 17, 2011
Ear sex is when instead a penis into a vagina, you use your ear.
My ear is still wet from that ear sex last night.
by Chumsnuggie September 16, 2014
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