Anywhere east of I-35 in Austin, TX, in the five and a half (512 area code). In other words, east Austin, which, of course, is markedly less civilized and affluent than the western half. A good place to get jacked up - as well as str8 up got. Don't drive into this area in a phat ride with heavily tinted glass and gold rims, or some cholo might take a guage to your driver's side window - even at a stop-light.
"Biiiiiiiitch, we're ballin' thru E-to in this bitch-ass Impala we jacked, and nobody gives a shit! Whatuuuuuuuup?!?!"
by Shaf September 15, 2004
Top Definition
An abbriviation for the European Theatre of Operations, which was part of World War II.
That veteran over there fought as a mortarman in the ETO during Word War II.
#world war ii #european theatre of operations #nazi germany #d-day #battle of the bulge
by Operation Detachment July 26, 2010
Estimated Time Of Sleep
1: Hey man, what homework do you have to do tonight?
1: Etos?
2: 5 am, fuck my life.
#eto #sleep #time #estimated #of
by Oliver Li April 03, 2008
Estimated Time of Sleep. Used to indicate when you're planning on going to sleep.
Friend 1: I've got a bunch of homework. ETOS is 1 am. What's yours?
Friend 2: RIGHT NOW! No homework for me!
#eta #bedtime #sleep #bed #yawn
by DaHacker12 November 01, 2011

Sounds like an Asian name rhyming with "neato". Intellectual yet fun, unfiltered, strong, adaptable, and a penchant for the erotic. Also possessing the ability to make light in almost any situation.
Man that guy went full Eto at the funeral making everyone laugh.
#eto #funny #erotic #unfiltered #adaptable
by Etod July 11, 2014
Estimated Time of Online-ness
Shit, your website went down, any ETO?

When's the ETO?
#etoo #eta #online #offline #downtime
by Danny S November 25, 2005
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