Short form for Kenneth.
A really hot guy.
That guy is totally hot! He's such an eth!
I just broke up with my boyfriend and need to date an eth to make him jealous.
by kennybop February 05, 2010
Email Transmitted Homosexuality (ETH) is the term to describe emails recieved from male companions that depict any of the following: 1. Kittens 2. Sunsets 3. Beaches (not containing naked/scantidly clad females) 4. Puppies (exceptions being Dobermans, Rottweilers etc) 5. Couples (not in the act of sexual depravity) 6. Or other topics which cause the recipient to question the sexuality of the sender.

ETH is the electronic version of AIDS. ETH can be voided only by subsequent emails from the sender that contain (or make reference to) vaginas. Either context must adress the touching and/or penetration of said vagina.
Dude 1: "Buck sent me another ETH..."
Dude 2: "Realy? What was it?..."
Dude 1: "A slideshow of kittens. What a fucking fag!"
by DangerDraper July 05, 2011

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