Fop definition for ESP. Devised by residents of the Une.
Mees: "I have ESPN!"

Meester: "Uh, you mean, ESP?"
by meester February 01, 2007
a Small central utah gang of about 10-30 people with bigger connections like the rapper citation and former lay low crip Sugarbear. who also skate and mosh. with a 5 person rival gang in the next town of tooele
espn homies Always keep a green rag around their mag
by the coon mountain man mmm 420 November 08, 2010
Extra Sexual Party Network
I am an asshole who knows shit about sports and I don't have a personality so I hook up my brain to the Extra Sexual Party Network (ESPN). I jerk off to SC daily, and I release on the #1 top play.
by asdfdsfsdds April 07, 2008
the best channel to watch. It has the thing that matters most in life sports.
I love ESPN, it has everything to live for
by joe c September 02, 2004
The Total Sports Network. Home of many sports and cool shows.
Yo, ESPN rocks!
by jack May 13, 2003
The greatest TV channel out there. Life would not be complete without it. They never shut up about the Yankees, Red Sox, and Patriots though.
I would loose my mind if I didn't have ESPN
by ERAU Nigga January 07, 2008
Every Spouse's Personal Nightmare.
nice nikkie for a respected sports channel, innit?
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
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