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ERP stands for Erotic Role-Play. Role-Play in this definition refers to the typing RP done in video games, chatrooms and forums.

ERP is a role-play with little plot besides the quick sex scene between characters. There is no consequence and no long term story behind it.

ERP is basically RP that is rated X.

The term is often confused with MRP, but it is very different.
by Villanite December 28, 2007
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The worst purchase tracking software ever made. It never really works. When you think it've fucked something up.
I'm gonna make a software that should help make tracking purchases but in reality will cause people to not be able to finish their regular work. It shall be called ERP!
by user458237 November 18, 2010
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A variation of the acronym RP (see: roleplaying). This is a form of one-on-one roleplaying performed by two advanced writers usually of the subjects romance, sappy, and melodramatic.
"Hey, can you erp tonight?"

"I need some mad erping, now!"

"Erp with me?"
by Erper February 13, 2007
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A sound usually pertainign to a query, question, or just being used as an incomprehensible noise to confuse others around you
Guy#1: So, did you see that homeless man? I see he is fond of ketchup pakets.
Guy#2: Erp?
by ThatTreeOutside March 28, 2003
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Middle class white american slang for "up" often used as "Erps"
"I got the Hiccerps"

"What Erp?!?!"
by The Unprotected September 10, 2008
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Sound of a car stopping in a cartoon
that luxory car didnt make the erp sound when it stopped... oh wait, he forgot to use the brakes and hit the sidewalk, my bad
by SteveF March 25, 2003
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When someone makes a mistake. When someone doses something stupid. Any mistake at all! It may be said to someone when they have made a mistake or if you yourself make a mistake you can say it to yourself.
You go into the kitchen and you forgot what you went in there for, erp. You dropped something in your hand, erp. You misspelled a word, erp. You messed up hard playing a video game, erp. You say something really dumb to your girlfriend, erp. You forgot your mom’s birthday, erp. You oversleep, erp. You left you keys in the store, erp. You lost your keys, erp. Dude you are an erp! Dude you erped! Man I erped. How could you have erped so bad? Erp!
by David M. Shore September 20, 2007
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