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A Brand of Liquor similar to Hpnotiq, but it is dark blue and tastes like blueberry
Yo muthafucka! Pass that Envy
by Sizzle & Big Doc October 20, 2003
a horrible movie with jack black
i dont envy the creators of Envy.
by maarten November 26, 2006
Palmtree with a grudge against the world.
Envy: "Well that depends, I can be whoever you want. So who would you like, Mr. Fullmetal Pipsqueak? Huh? Maybe a taller a version of you?"
by Will Yuri for Yaoi December 03, 2008
a. Someone who hasn't deed it.
b. To get roasted like Eva.
c. To already come out at a Gay Parade.
d. Opposite of straight up cleva.
Envy: I gotta run up on that cat with the pump... yeah man

Eli: I got one question mayne tell me who next?..
This ni**a soft like a ni**a who dun gittin da best

see i'm the best mayne... I deeed it!
I.... (long pause)
by VonDeee May 27, 2011
A sex god from Mugenjou High.

Your god.

The Gerudian King
Envy is the sexiest god and Gerudian King in history.
by Envy March 08, 2005
a very l337 cs player. Amazing with Ak and very clutch
envy > holla
envy > shaGuar
by Sam January 28, 2005
A newbie. See: chobo
OMG, you're hopeless! You're totally like Envy.
by whup February 03, 2004