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Noun: a desire or craving, esp. for food

A term used primarily in the South (especially in southeast Louisiana), to describe an extreme desire or craving for something, usually a specific type of food.

From the French word "envie," meaning "a wish or desire."
"For some reason, I've had an envie for french fries lately.. let's go get some now!"

Also, "For some reason, I've had THE envie for french fries lately... let's go get some now!"
#onvie #onvi #onvy #envi #envy #craving #desire #wish #want
by Adhesive February 07, 2009
Adjective: embarrassed, ashamed; shy

Used mainly in the South. From the French noun "honte," meaning shame or embarrassment.
"When I saw Jane at the museum recently, I asked how her husband was doing. I was SO honte when she told me that he had passed away 3 years ago!"

"Go ahead, Susie, have some cake. Don't be honte!"
#ont #embarrassed #shy #ashamed #timid
by Adhesive February 07, 2009
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