It wears a coat, and hangs out in hallways.
Morgan envy's Shelby because she doesn't need to wear a coat to hang out in hallways, unlike Morgan.
by Stuuud January 30, 2009
1. To be jealous, or to want something somone else has.

2. Envy is A Homonculi from Full Metal Alchemist, He has long green hair And wears a Skort and a belly top, He can shapeshift to sound and look exactly like somone.
1. John envied Tom's new car.

2. Envy Is the oldest of the Homuculi. (I think his age is 400+ .)
by Akudin January 20, 2006
Envy is group a group of people that used to be close friends but then got salty as and and started abusing all their 'friends'.
I was going to talk to Nirmuu but then I realised he was part of Envy
by Zinzo April 10, 2015
when someone is so posessed by evil and jealousy they go to incredible lengths to see the envied person experience even an ounce of pain compared to what is their life. They are miserable inside so they try to make everyone else miserable too. They wish they were like you yet try to convince people how bad you are. They want people to dislike you because they are so jealous.
sonny wishes he had money, looks and life experience and looks at his friend and feels envy cause he dosent have anything.

sonny envied his friend for getting more girls than he does.
by Mcr75 September 20, 2007
-a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.
Anna bought a new bicycle. After Meera saw that new bicycle, her eyes popped out with envy.
by CrownPrincess 664433551122 April 11, 2015
Being unhappy and angry at someone else's success. Also wanting to hurt them or ruin their goal .
Todd has envy in his heart because Jhon has a pretty girlfriend and wants to ruin it for him.
by Recorrecting February 24, 2015
Jealousy, loth, wish, despise
Envy. Ones desire to be just like you.
by The one you wish to be ;-P September 04, 2011

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