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An acronym for Emergency Medical Technician. Plainly put, they are the people who work on ambulances. There are three levels of EMT: Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic. Paramedics are the people that you're most likely to find riding in the ambulances in your hometowns. These technicians can also be found working in the emergency rooms of your local hospital.
After the car accident the EMTs responded and extricated a patient.
by GDubs_James January 04, 2006
noun - acronym for Emergency Medical Technician, the people on the ambulance
when i fell down the stairs, the EMTs came in the ambulance to pick me up and bring me to the hospital
by k0s April 09, 2005
Epic Meal Time. We make your dreams come true and then we eat them.
Man, I just finished watching the latest EMT episode.
by jmfroggy April 29, 2011
Extra Marital Text(ing)- The act of sexting outside of a committed relationship.
Who are you texting, your wife?

No, she's just a friend.

Eww, are you EMT'ing someone right now?!
by Philibarb August 22, 2010
Every Menial (or Meaningless) Task.
When an EMT is working with a Paramedic, their only job is to drive the truck and carry the bags. If anything needs to be lifted or moved, it's the EMT's job, even if that means holding the door open.
by EMTDan February 13, 2012
Eat My Twat. Basically the best comeback a girl can have, and boys you know you wouldn't mind that much anyways :]
John: Sandra you're such a stupid slut.
Sandra: EMT you son of a bitch
John: Ok!!!

cunt vagina pussy oral sex comebacks
by zackger June 13, 2010
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