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Bloods use "CK" to mean "Crip Killer". Crips use "BK" for "Blood Killer".

"EK all day"!

Many gangs other than Bloods and Crips use the term other than the letters with B or C in front of the K
by nastynate011 November 26, 2009
Someone who is a selfish bastard who only thinks about who to fuck next
Ugh he is such an Ek.
by Derekp June 25, 2015
It stands for Emo Killer. Usually Prep Skaters scream it when they see an emo kid. The appropriate response is to hold up your fist under your chin.
E K!!!!!!!!!!!
by Rawr face3333333 February 20, 2009
ek: short for "easily kid" I term derived from a group of western mass kids as a substitute for the term "word" or easily
yo man, that girl was ek eyein me over there

yeah man that party was ek
by G-Money Inc. October 04, 2008
the Emo Kid Society. also known as "X" for the way it is pronounced. lead by some chicks named julie and alison. For Emo kids to share their emotions without looking like they came straight off the cover of a hawthorne heights album cover.
sweetdamn that kid looks like he's in the E.K.S. tight jeans, hair, bleeding wrists, and all.
by julieoh September 28, 2006
Mammal; Unusual amounts of hair on lower back and chin from young ages. Commonly feeds upon raw fish, Has an affliction for Alchol but low tolerance.
Jesus, Ek is pretty Fucked Up. Get some fucking agia for that fur on your back squid eater.
by Dr. Know October 16, 2003
an acronym for "embassy kids"

the most boss group around
tim: "yo you hear about dem eks?"
bill: "fuq ya man dey da bomb"
by registeredboss May 16, 2010
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