Ejaculate Flaccid Penis
When one is able to ejaculate with out an erection.

She got me so quick I had my first EFP experience
by Chance08 January 17, 2011
Top Definition
EFP is an Explosively Formed Penetrator. The penetrator fires a superheated cone of metal through the vehicle's armor. This includes the million dollar Mine Resistant Ambush Protective Vehicle.
Sarge, I thought these MRAPVs were supposed to protect us.

They were supposed to, but I guess they did not think of EFP's when they built them.

Damn, Billy swore by them saying they were the safest place to be in Iraq, I guess if was alive he would be swearing about something else.
by mlhiss May 06, 2008
An acronym for the phrase "easy Freshman pussy". This is often used by high school Junior or Senior (sometimes even people who are graduated form high school) douche bags who are too insecure to bang girls their own age. Many reasons fuel the phenomenon of E.F.P., but it is most commonly because a 17 year-old penis looks gigantic to a 14 year-old.
Guy 1: "Damn, dude... She's kind of young."

Guy 2: "Shut the fuck up: you know I love me some E.F.P."
by Reefer_420_Madness October 28, 2012
Eat, Fap, Play.

The actions you take when doing bad at a video game in order to relax and play better. Get something to eat, masturbate, then continue playing.
Rob: Man FUCK this game. I'm playing so shitty tonight..
John: Dude, just EFP. I promise it will help.
by desuintomordor June 23, 2012
EFP is an acronym meaning: Explosive Formed Projectile.

An explosive formed projetile is simply that, a projetile that is formed by an explosion that is so powerful it can penatrate many layers of armor before it ever begins to slow down.
How it works is an explosive is packed into a tubular or cylendrical case and the open end is capped off with a cone or dome shaped sheet of metal (typically copper). When the explosive is detonated the metal end cap is super heated and melted into a molten projectile as it is propelled forward at astronomical speeds (measured in miles per second) by the explosion. When the projectile then comes in contact with the target it is still super heated as it melts through the target and at the same time its inertia continues to drive the projectile further through the intended target.

EFPs are not new to warfare technology. The common RPG carried by insurgents in Iraq and Afgan are EFPs but on a smaller scale and are just built into a projectile. Also some anti tank rounds and shape charges use the same simple concept.
by Bored Soldier April 04, 2009
Extra-Foodie Perception. A prescient ability, only possessed by some foodies, to sense the quality of foods and eating establishments before trying them.
1. I'm in the mood for a burger, but my EFP is telling met to get the roasted chicken instead.

2. According to my EFP, we should head to the place next door for dessert.
by Evan Schneyer August 01, 2008
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