Simply the letter f(F) to name the letter F \ef\.
"When speaking of the letters written by the cleric, the historian noted the letters aitch and ef were printed heavily"
#ef #alphabet #phonetic #aitch #eff #letter #letters
by Timothy JD W January 12, 2008
Top Definition
Polite way to say the word "Fuck."
Hey Gary, go ef yourself you dumb mother effer.

Hey Gary, I just effed your girl.
by Robbyaga July 20, 2003
European language schools organisation. Nobody know's what EF actually means although, having lived in Oxford - an EF stroghold - for a number of years I can only assume it stands for 'Easy Fuck.
Did you see those Italian EF girls getting off the coach? Man, sometimes it's good to live in this shithole wanker-student city!
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
EF stands for Epic Fail, something that you may be too.
A: Hey, look, I made a new banner for my forum! Do you want to see it?
B: Ok.
A : So what do you think about it?
B: It's an EF. >_>
#epic #fail #overrated #word #ef
by CuchiiDealer June 16, 2010
Stands for Erectile Function, anybody who doesn't have ED can have EF, it means you are able to hold an erection without Viagra, Cialis etc.
Guy1:I have ED
Guy2:well that sucks, I have EF
Guy1: Man, I wish I had that.
#sex #poop #joe #aids #penis
by RAMS57 March 05, 2009
fundamentally, an electronic announcement of a boyfriend/girlfriend. phonetically, rhymes with 'bf'. usually referred to as in the context of a relationship status on a social networking site, i.e. facebook, myspace.
hey, did you hear about bree's new e-f?

yeah they've been going out for a while but she just changed her status on her facebook to in a relationship.

wow, they must be getting serious
#its official #facebook official #facebookable #myspace worthy #engagement
by DanielWebz July 22, 2009
1) a child with a face like it has down syndrome.
2) one fugly ass bitch
dude1: "hey did you see that new down syndrome girl in our school?"
dude2: "oh yeah, E.F., right? shes supposed to be 'normal..'"
dude2: "yeah, okay, dude! lets go put her back in the hospital where she belongs!"
#m.c.s #g.c #m.hk #a.m #e.f #k.s.
by madison,nj+summit,nj=death September 30, 2009
slang for f or fail.
ef, efff, eeff
#ef #efff #eeff #efffff #fail
by asfd777 October 05, 2011
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