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An Encyclopaedia Dramatica user who causes drama rather than documents it.

In reality EDiots main goal is to prove that the internet is serios business.
EDiot, also known as Hater to the YouTube Masses
by Mr Loller December 06, 2006
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A group of fuckwads into the enneagram, which is a bullshit theory.
look at those type nazi ediots
by heydiddlediddle August 29, 2008
A person who is absolutely crap when it comes to doing anything that involves electronic things such as computers.
Person 1: "OMG, James.B is such an ediot, he's puzzling over why the taskbar is on the top of the screen on his new Mac, and he can find the Start menu, and he's trying to eat the apple logo on the back..."
Person 2: "You are so right he is an utter ediot-biz07ch"
by 12ian34 April 27, 2006
A word created by an urban dictionary editor. It is used to describe a fellow editor who is an idiot.
That ediot just got all five of his screen names banned.
by swiver August 05, 2005
The “E”xtended or "E"xtreme form of Idiot…projected beyond ones self

These are people who are the “E”xception to the norm of Idiot where “I” implies self…as in “I am a complete IDIOT”…so the use of the “I”diot will always cum back on ones self, where the use of “E”DIOT is always “E”xternal to ones self…so in essence…if one uses the “E”xtended or “E”xtreme form of idiot, they are referring or describing someone or a group of people beyond themselves that they have made Ediots out of.
The executive management and Board of Destruction at SGI have made complete EDIOTS out of its shareholders.
by ReapMyTips May 22, 2006
an idiot who enjoys using electronic stuff
that guy is an ediot. he is playing with his laptop
by frank December 13, 2003
Pronounced like "idiot", but the i is replaced with e.
Person 1: You're such an ediot!

Person 2: What the hell is an ediot?

Person 1: It's like idiot, but with e.

Person 2: lol, you're stupid, you can't tell the difference between ediot and idiot unless they are written! lol!!1

Person 1: ...
by UD user <3 April 13, 2008

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