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Erectilly Disfunctional penis.
I tried to fuck Sally, but, I drank so much that I got an ED johnson.
by Jack Bozdog June 07, 2006
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A slang name that is not meant to be a reference to any person who actually carries this name, but, rather to identify someone who posseses the characteristics that the slang name describes.

Ed = Erectile dysfunction & Johnson = penis.
Foxy Chick: Ooh! Whose the NEW guy?

Slutty Bitch: Yea, he's good looking isn't he? He's pretty nice too. He just started yesterday while you were still on vacation. We hooked up after work. He's an Ed Johnson, but he's also a very cunning linguist. I think I'll pass, but since you are trying to be a hetero fundamentalist now, you might want to check him out.

Foxy Chick: Hey, thanks for the tip!

Slutty Bitch: No problem girlfriend! I mean, girl who is a friend.

Foxy Chick: What's his name?

Slutty Bitch: John Doe.
by Heidi Roe, ex lesbo June 01, 2006

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