"Easter and Christmas" - an EC is a person who only goes to church on Easter and Christmas, and because of this, church is always more crowded on these two holidays. Many churches will have extra services on these days in order to accomodate all of the EC's.
We had better get to church early today, because all of the EC's will be there, and the seats will fill up fast!
by despeyland April 03, 2010
Eric Cartman, the well loved character on the best fuckin show evah! south park :)
Girl:Dude dont fuck with me
Dude:ill get my mum on youh
Girl:Dude im frikin tellin youh it was lyk talkin 2 EC
by NotAFaggyEmoXP December 19, 2009
Eric Clapton, legendary British blues guitarist, GOD
EC is GOD!!!
by WistfulThinker March 30, 2004
Extra Chromasome ie. somebody with downsyndrome.
Often said as a compliment to someone who has no understanding of the meaning.
Your looking very EC tonight...
by FlannyFlaps October 10, 2010
To be used in replacement of "LOL" or "haha"

In online conversation, EC is used when a person does not necessarily "laugh out loud" or produce enough of a laugh to vocalize a "haha", rather, they chuckle in an exhaled breath ... EC ... exhaled chuckle.

Also in online conversation, EC can be used when someone tells a horrendously bad joke that doesn't warrant an LOL or a haha, yet you feel you need to respond with something so as not to insult the receiving party.
"OMG did you see Family Guy last night?"
"EC yeah, it was pretty funny"
by ecmaster March 25, 2010
Abbreviation for Emmett Cullen. Character in best-selling novel 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer
EC's favorite animal to hunt is a Grizzly bear.
by RachelHale December 11, 2008
An immensely hot underage girl.
If she wasn't female her dick would be huge.
Three fucking feet long.
When the lights go out, I'll watch EC take the stage by storm.
by imastunnnnnnnner April 07, 2008

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