A whining, snibbling, rich kid whose parents buy them Ferraris.
He is a ec ferrari momma's boy.
by paul kumquat January 05, 2008
An immensely hot underage girl.
If she wasn't female her dick would be huge.
Three fucking feet long.
When the lights go out, I'll watch EC take the stage by storm.
by imastunnnnnnnner April 07, 2008
Does not mean :"east coast" and you dont have to own a ferrari to join. It means exclusive colony. Trust me i know. IM a member of EcIrKiT
I joined Ec!! I rock now!!
by blearg January 15, 2007
Racist group who enforce racial hatred through extreme actions
look! The EC are killing that black man!
by mr.KKK July 15, 2004
poop, especially the thin, watery kind that can creep out against your wishes
"One time I farted, and a whole pile of EC was smeared all over me shorts."
by Vinnie Delphino April 20, 2005
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