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When you threaten to, or follow through with, a block on someone contacting you on a chat or social networking client, such as Myspace, Facebook, MSN, Etc.
Ex.1-"Man, that chick was freaking nuts! She cyber stalked me so much I had to slap a e-straining order on her ass!"

Ex.2- "I hate those pervs from places like Turkey that are always trying to hit me up for nudes! I'm gonna put an e-straining order out on every single one of them!"

Ex.3-"Susie put a e-straining order on me. I don't know how I can go on *dramatic swoon*"
by ThoroZaine September 20, 2009
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What you wish you could take out on someone who keeps e-stalking or e-spying on your online profiles like Myspace and FaceBook
Former Girlfriends pretending to be other people, or getting their friends to ask to be your face-book friend. So that they can see your profile and your pictures. "I need to get an e-straining order and that chick."
by The Big Show 22 September 10, 2007
Unfriending someone for stalking you on facebook. Play off the term "restraining order"
"Troyer wouldn't stop posting on my comments so I took out an e-straining order on him"
by pakizzle May 23, 2010

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