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Slang term for 'testicles' - the 'under' part of 'undertones' refers to the position of the testicles in relation to the rest of the male reproductive system, plural because there are two testes.
tycho: Put on a pair of pants, Gabe!
gabe: Why, what's wrong with these short-shorts?
tycho: I can see your dystopian undertones, fer chrissake!

- penny arcade
by paxattendee July 22, 2009
6 3
The male (or female, for that matter) testes.
Jill: Ugh, I hate waking up to goddamned dystopian undertones every morning.

Angela: I know! It's, like, the same with Mike, he totally needs to shave them at least.

Jill: Uhh... what are you talking about?

Angela: Well, you know, Mike's dystopian undertones, his balls? You?

Jill: Roommate watching Fox every gorram morning at 7am... Balls? What the hell?
by RedAlert25 July 22, 2009
3 1
The male testes
"Jesus Christ! That horse has the biggest dystopian undertones I've ever seen!"

"Doc, my left dystopian undertone done resemble a succulent grapefruit. That seem right to you?"
by yutt July 22, 2009
3 2
Male testes.
The beautiful young woman was startled by the size and girth of Tycho's Dystopian Undertones.
by nknol83 July 23, 2009
2 3
Slang for testicles
George Orwell was almost arrested when he showed off his Dystopian Undertones to large crowds of people.
by oneordinarylife July 22, 2009
1 2