To go full retard, you should never go full retard
Hey that guy totally dylaned the party last night, he went on and on about how awesome Jordy Nelson is.
by the mad man man September 27, 2010
Top Definition
The state of inebriation at which price does not matter, women do not matter & distance to walk home does not matter. The point of which your blood-alcohal level switches to become the alcohal-blood level as the volume of alcohal is greater than the volume of blood. Alcoholic-liquor quantity cannot be measured and pizza becomes required no matter what the cost.
Lets get Dylaned.
Man, did I get Dylaned last night.
by JD1873 July 18, 2006
The point of inebriation at which a person sustains life threatening injuries which are discovered the morning after they are sustained and which the recipient of the injuries cannot recall the circumstances under which the injuries were sustained.
Friend 1: "Dude what happened to your leg?"
Friend who got dylaned: "I dunno man, I was so dylaned last night, I think I cut it climbing over a fence on the walk home"
Friend 1: "Dude, I drove you home"
Friend who got dylaned: "Oh, shit"
by double deuce July 24, 2006
When one is forcefully slammed against a wall and made out with without prior consent.
Party guest: "DAMN! That bitch just got Dylaned!"
Homeowner: "What the fuck!? I just fixed that wall!"
by Tatty Daddy May 11, 2013
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