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Dyckman street is located in upper manhattan (200street) located in washington heights & lower inwood.. but not pretty sure that is wash heightz or inwood all i know is 200st.. It is one of the most ghetto parts of the world, there are a lot of 44 millimeters and Colt 45's. People shoot with Colt 45's, cut with knives, and drink the beer Colt 45. THey get manicures and play the a-what-awhat-awhat game. What happens on dyckman, stays on dyckman. If you know the Dyckman dance, thats special. Dyckman...
Dyckman nigga: yo yo nigga, lets take the 1 train i wana go to dyckman to see my gurl.

Julio (Dyckman nigga friend): aight nigga. lets go

Dyckman nigga: see the people... thats dyckman nigga

by RICAN NIGGA July 18, 2006
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