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The act of taking a dump and a wank at the same time.
While camping ryan took a dwank in the toilet.
by TIMOTE July 16, 2008
the term dwank means to, have a poo (dump) and masterbate (wank) at the same time, hence creating the term Dwank
For example
Adrian Hocker loves to Dwank on tuesdays
by Dale H March 25, 2008
Things or situations that are: Messed up. Terrible. Uncool. Not right. or Jacked up.
Ryann: Sorry man, I can't text you. My mom just took away my phone for not doing my chores.
Jeff: Fuck that's dwank.
Ryann: I know right?! Fuck.
by bobvsjeff June 13, 2011
Cool, awesome. In general, a good thing. Used soely as an adjective.
That movie The Matrix is so dwank!
by Wolfman Jack November 12, 2003