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To give or be a victim of a Dutch Muffin is when you or someone else sits on another's pillow and farts. As you stand up the pillow "breathes" in all of the surrounding flatulence. When your victim lays their head on their pillow the fart is expelled directly in their face... Delicious!
Me: Did you enjoy the Dutch Muffin i left for you last night?

Victim: Yea thanks, you ass. It tasted horrible!
by EazyNutz August 29, 2010
The sexual act of shoving a hardened, compact, or concentrated ball of shit down your partner's throat. (Dutch Muffins can also be inserted in the rectum or vagina)
Oh yea! Shove that Dutch muffin up their!
by Pain E December 05, 2010
when a man and woman are in bed. The man farts then puts the sheets over the girls head so she only breaths in farts. Than you put ur weeny in her mouth so she can only breath in her nose. Then you finish up and then eat yummy muffins.
Olivia and n00j

in bed. Dutch muffin stylin
by Mandizzler aka mandac May 09, 2008

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