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To give or be a victim of a Dutch Muffin is when you or someone else sits on another's pillow and farts. As you stand up the pillow "breathes" in all of the surrounding flatulence. When your victim lays their head on their pillow the fart is expelled directly in their face... Delicious!
Me: Did you enjoy the Dutch Muffin i left for you last night?

Victim: Yea thanks, you ass. It tasted horrible!
by EazyNutz August 29, 2010
A Dutch Tuxedo is a self induced condition in which you have farted in a coat, jump suit, snow suit, etc you are currently wearing. Your fart gets trapped and has only one place to escape: the neck opening. The fart is released directly into your own face.
You: Dude i just ripped one and it shot out the neck hole of my coat directly in my face!! Sick!!

Me: Nice Dutch Tuxedo you got there!!
by EazyNutz August 29, 2010

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