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Female Ring Piece
Right up the Durkin!
by LORD LOVE ROCKET ;) July 24, 2011
A shot in the game of pool/billiards referred to as the "Durkin".

This shot is usually extremely lucky but bad ass. It is a shot that should not be made but is.

The Durkin shot is also a safety shot in which 2 balls are in a dead lock side by side and the player shooting shoots a safety just taping the ball enough to move them into each other and off a rail without disturbing the balls origianl position. The original position would be 2 balls dead locked one against a rail. (I.E a cue ball locked on an 8 ball on the rail).
The safety shot

- (I.E a cue ball locked on an 8 ball on the rail).

Usage of the term Durkin

"you just pulled a Durkin" or "That's a Durkin shot"
"do a Durkin ( safety shot )"
by Biggunnumbaone December 20, 2009

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