A particularly nasty version of this cannot be used to fight the funk
Homsar - Can't fight the funk with a nasty dunk
by Sponge July 15, 2004
Dunk is a combination of Dumb And Bunk.
Drew - "Kale, you're really dunk."
by Squiddy. April 27, 2006
The world's greatest Candadian
During Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope Dunk lapped him.
During Wayne Gretzky's skate across Tibet, Dunk lapped him.
Invented tofu before David Suzuki and got the hook up before Alexander Bell.
Nuff said really.
by Dunk November 23, 2004
Hydraulic system on a car
"Damn, you got you a dunk huh?"
by AbRaKaDaVa April 15, 2003
short for dunkin donuts
"Im gonna stop at dunks on the way there"
by hmmm March 22, 2004
In reference to a large gluteus maximus, often refering to the female sex. Originated and shortened from the term Badunkadunk.
Yo that bitch got mad dunks like LaBron yo.
by CTM_dick October 26, 2005
Shit, Deuce, Dump, Poo, Crap
Lets go take a dunk doggie
by Dunked January 13, 2015

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