Fucking. Sex. Top.
Mike was dunking, real hard!
by Bbg November 30, 2012
Top Definition
The act of dipping one's scrotum into an alcoholic beverage in order to become quickly inebriated.
I can't drive tonight, man. I've been dunking in vodka for the past hour and I can barely walk straight.
by Hoss Rospustny, Esq. March 25, 2012
When a man/Candace Parker takes a basketball and throws it through a 10' hoop in a assertive like fashion. Most common in the NBA and in driveways on 8' foot hoops.
Wow, when I grow 9 more inches, I'll be dunking like crazy.
by Smuts54 October 11, 2009
To dunk is to jump in the air and stretch your shirt bottom out, landing over someones head so that they unsuspectingly land inside your shirt front. This is best done with hoodies and loose fitting tees.
Matt dunked me so hard the other day it hurt my neck.

What happened to Jay?

He got arrested for dunking midgets in Liberty Village.
by Dunkmaster86 March 24, 2011
Using a public toilet with the incident of having the man's testicles hanging below the water line.
Jimmie: That hotel was horrible! I'm never going stopping there again.
John: What made it so bad?
Jimmie: The toilets were so shallow, I was dunking every time.
John: Good enough reason for me!

by OrinjNanu July 29, 2011
jumping in the air and grabing any ledge or flat surface you can grab on and puttings ones balls in someones face, back, or shoulder while yelling very loud!! Any Random Noise

Blocking is allowed
Earlier at work john dunked on steve so hard he felt like a cheap whore all day.

Man all this dunking today is making me tired
by MR Wishy Washy June 06, 2013
Is when a man positions himself so that his bum hole is adjacent to the womans minge then poo'ing up her vagina.
I had sex with this fit girl, she asked me to dunk her, i had an indian that night so it got a little too runny but i managed to get her twat right shitted up. we did the dunking 3 times that night
by geoffffffffffffff November 10, 2007
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