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A female with nice curves and big beautiful eyes that match.
1. Just look at those curves she is such a dumplin!
2. I call my babe dumplin because she has nice curves and big beautiful green eyes.
3. Let's go to that party and see if we can spot us a few dumplins!
4. I love my dumplin. she has the most beautiful eyes and very sexy curves.
by JohnnyDavison December 10, 2009
A fat pastie white guy, usually pretty smart and spends most of his time indoors.
Dumplins, you get that thing i sent ya?
Is dumplins here? No. Great!
by elpolioloco March 09, 2005
A term of endearment usually used when vacationing in Cancun Mexico.
T-pain: Check out that little dumplin' DJ Fusie is hooking up with in Cancun Mexico!
Juan: Aww. He looks like a lobster salad in my camera.
by Juan Rose Carlito August 09, 2008

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