second rip from a bowl or joint
matt: i got greens
aaron: i got dueces
holliday: fuck
by matt"bird" November 29, 2007
The second toke on a freshly-loaded pipe of marijuana.
"I get the cherry so i get dueces."
by Mary Jane March 12, 2005
When you take a big dump in the toilet
Yo Joe, I gotta drop mad dueces be back in 10.
by Abe August 30, 2006
A street gang residing in cOpiague and Amityville. Not as big as Crips or Bloods, but hates browns and rival enemies are Pinoside a.k.a. D-Block. There hand signal is 2 fingers (the pinky and the ringer finger) put together.
Dueces called pinoside pussy because they didn't want to fight.
by Tayjaz March 28, 2007
22 inch automotive wheels.
Check out dat Monte Carlo riddin dueces.
by Ali June 16, 2006
A term used to describe the late Pope John Paul II.
"The cardinal college has to elect someone to replace the deuce."

"Hey, did you see that the duece died."
by Justin April 19, 2005

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