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A gang residing mainly in Copiague, not as big as Crips or Bloods, but rivals with dueces. Many people refer to them as pussy because they're afraid to fight. Hang out by the Pinoside deli and are also known as D-Block.
Yo, those pinoside niggas are afraid to fight me because I roll with dueces.
by Tayjaz March 28, 2007
A street gang residing in cOpiague and Amityville. Not as big as Crips or Bloods, but hates browns and rival enemies are Pinoside a.k.a. D-Block. There hand signal is 2 fingers (the pinky and the ringer finger) put together.
Dueces called pinoside pussy because they didn't want to fight.
by Tayjaz March 28, 2007

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