throwin a mad ass curve ball in baseball
yo robert just threw a nastya ass duece andstruck him out
by Jake June 17, 2003
1. Excrement.
2. An act of defecating.
Where's the bathroom? I need to deuce.

Origin Josh Colbert, from Deu, to defecate. See deu-1 in Pompano Roots.
by Nick Dominguez March 06, 2003
A Gang In Winnipeg, manitoba and nearby corrections facilitys.
Dont Fuck around you duece motherfucker. Straight up posse
by CKDK RTN May 19, 2007
1)A UGLY ASS BITCH... as in a 2 outa 10 where 10 is a dime
2)also means 2, so people replace the word two with duece sometimes
3)10 dollars worth of anything
4)also means $1000
1)The iron horse is the train and champaign is bubbly
A deuce is a honey that's ugly
If your girl is fine, she's a dime
A suit is a fine, jewelry is shine
If you in love, that mean you blind
-Big L:The Big Picture: Ebonics

2)putt my duece duece(.22) in his mouth and blast

3)no dubs? let me get a dime

4)put a dime on that horse named lightning
by burn out April 25, 2005
A Girl who is at least two hundred pounds in weight, immediately qualifying her as unattractive... unless you're into BBW
"Dude you have got to see this girl I picked up last Friday!"
"Shut the fuck up Derek, I know who you're talking about and she's a Deuce"
by l_0ki March 16, 2005
A woman who is ugly because she chooses to be but does not know it. Someone who is born ugly can not do anything about it, but a deuce is a girl who somewhere along the line decided to look and dress a certain way that made her look really ugly.
Look at that girl, she's a duece!!
by Colin Smith March 14, 2005
a Turd.
Oh man, did you see the size of that duece I just dropped?
by rapscalion October 14, 2003

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