the Number 2 in slang Form
"the silly mutha fucka pulls out a duece duece" as used by Eazy E in "Boyz-N-tha Hood"
by Ruben G. May 23, 2005
lay a giant shit
MOM:I gotta lay a huge ass DUECE
by SaltyOctopus October 29, 2008
crap,shit,#2, poop, scat, poo poo, diarea, dookies
Man I just dropped a duece
by Nick Rucshner March 29, 2009
As used by Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, duece is an exclaimation of frustration.
"What the duece? Bow to me!"
by Holly Little October 15, 2006
getting second tokes on a spliff, blunt etc.
yo i call duece on the blunt
by dunworryaboutit October 26, 2008
2 fl. oz of codeine syrup.
I po'd a duece in my sprite.
by who March 05, 2005
1. feces, related to number 2
2. car with dual carburetors
1. "this is the third time I've had to drop a duece while riding on the interstate"

2. "revved up like a duece, another runner in the night"
by protocoldroid June 23, 2004
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