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a dudge is a random boner. you get them in class, church, work, they are just random as shit.
why did you just tuck in a boner at school the only girl is our teacher! she is 70! i have a dudge bro!
by tad malone August 14, 2009
173 17
To hit softly in a volleyball match/game.
Watch out for the dudge!!!
by Ship dogg April 03, 2009
8 29
To break someones face or beat there ass.
I'm going to dudge Mike after class.
by Octavious153 April 15, 2009
8 34
A dudge is a massive flaming insufferable faggot. In other words, a total loser who thinks that he/she is cool.
Anyone who liked the Matrix is a dudge i mean seriously that movie is just a chick flick for men.

Stop being such a dudge.

World of Warcraft users are such dudges. They think that by having max level characters with top tier armor they are cool, when in fact they aren't.
by PaulC is a dudge January 11, 2009
9 43