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Music that appeals "not to fans of music, but fans of high fives."
Dude Rocker: "Hinder's new album is DOPE!!! Gimme a high FIVE!!! *skulls back beer while wearing trendy jeans, crappy highlights, and has 'the game' on in the background*
by aaronjw January 27, 2008
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A genre of music that targets 13-21-year-old males who seek a Hard Rock sound, yet still seek such music through MTV-type outlets. Such music is given great care and concern when appealing to such an audience; thus it is often produced, analyzed, and marketed down to the finest deltail, giving it an air of high-production fakeness that one gets when watching a Hollywood Sitcom.
Tom thinks he's so cool with all those vintage clothes and that spiked hair; he's always claiming to be the king of underground music. But when we were in his car, he only played Dude Rock.
by Jordan February 28, 2004
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"Dude Rock" applies to most of the mediocre pseudo-rock bands like Nickelback, Hinder, and Theory of a Deadman. Basically these bands are made up of guys that have highlights and wear designer clothes writing songs about how badass they are, how much they love to drink and party, how hot there girlfriend is, and how they can kick your ass. They also right really "sensitive" ballads for the ladys.

The first time I ever heard this term used was in allmusicguides review of Hinder's Extreme Behavior album when the review said that Hinder is "straight up dude rock" or something like that.
Eddy: What do you call all these crappy bands on the radio that sound exactly alike?
Chris: Dude Rock
by Undertow4 January 13, 2010
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The alter-ego of a tall ginger gentleman. Famed for his love of all things punk-pop and awesome musical talents.
Dude Rock - He's the monster under your bed.
Dude Rock - He's coming for you.
by God Fool March 14, 2006
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