Meaning to be blasted stoned. Used when one doesn't want others to know what he or she is referring to. Derived from the texted face: -_- (dash, underscore, dash - hence the prefix DUD of the word duddy.)
When speaking: Dude, let's get duddy and order some grub!

When texting: I'm soooo -_- !!!!!!

either use is correct :)
by her_highnesss August 07, 2011
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A really good buddy;your close friend.
"Y'know,I've got a lot of friends and buddies,but only 1 is my Duddy."
by JohnBender August 07, 2006
(1) slang for pussy. (2) Derived from Pensacola, Florida, this means a sissy-like person, or someone who tried to go for a girl but never could get her. (3) Also can be used for slang for a cool, close friend. (4) Another use for this is when the word "pussy" is needed to be said, but others who would disapprove are present.
(3)Charlie: Yo, duddy! What happened with you and that girl last night?
Nick: Man, I went for her but she didn't dig me.
(1)Charlie: I'm gonna get some of that duddy myself.
(2)Josh: Nick, you're a duddy!
Nick: Man, shut up!
(3)Charlie: Hey duddies, lets go chill at the park.
by carmeloair23 October 28, 2006
Another word for a dutch. Usually used by teens while talking on the phone to a friend in front of their parents. There's also the words dutchies , and blunts.... and alot more.
Jake: yo wuts up wit you ?
Mike: nothing much on my way back from my girlfriends house.
Jake: you should pick up duddies on the way back.
by googlebuds April 27, 2010
A drug buddy. The one you prefer to do drugs with out of your group of friends, druggies, or pets.
Michael: Hey you thizzin` tonight?
Stephen: Naw, my duddy is sick so I'm not feeling it!


Michael: Lets take shots!!
Stephen: I'm not your duddy!
by omickey March 26, 2012
When two couples decide two swap partners; foursome.
"Yah man, last night the wife and I had a duddy with Craig and Jenny!"
by ATLR August 07, 2009
Givin some dome/head; sucking
"Daggggg man the other day that girl gave me some mean duddy."
by LeAk$ November 03, 2009

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