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Term originated on Live Journal (adapted to Tumblr) for Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) fans. In a video, RDJ introduced himself as Rubber Ducky Jr, to which LJ user UltraDowney (Jakob-Dylan on Tumblr) developed the nickname for the RDJ fandom.
Guy: Iron Man is an awesome movie
Girl: Yes! Robert Downey Jr is the best actor! I am totally one of the ducklings.
by Rubber Ducky Jr October 09, 2011
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A group of people who follow an authority figure as literal ducklings, baby ducks, follow their mothers in the wild.
House: Could you stop flocking around me like a bunch of ducklings?
Cameron, Chase, and Foreman: No.
by E. R. S. June 04, 2006
Someone who was once ugly but grew into their hottnes and still retains the nice personality they had when they were ugly.
Greg: "Man that girl is hot."
Adam: "She's nice too, straight up duckling."
by futurecornstar December 15, 2009
the coolest duck in the world with the nicest duck butt; sticks in the air while walking like a duck
Yo yo, daym that duckling sure looks mad fly walkin' down the street.
by Jen xP May 04, 2004
When someone is attractive in an innocent way without it being sexual
"She's so attractive, and cute"
"she must be pretty good in bed huh?"
"Oh god no she's to much of a duckling!"
by The_Official_Fairy July 23, 2015
another term for L.S.D.
"Take the duckling!"
by cheapbook September 01, 2004
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