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Term originated on Live Journal (adapted to Tumblr) for Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) fans. In a video, RDJ introduced himself as Rubber Ducky Jr, to which LJ user UltraDowney (Jakob-Dylan on Tumblr) developed the nickname for the RDJ fandom.
Guy: Iron Man is an awesome movie
Girl: Yes! Robert Downey Jr is the best actor! I am totally one of the ducklings.
by Rubber Ducky Jr October 09, 2011
31 6
A group of people who follow an authority figure as literal ducklings, baby ducks, follow their mothers in the wild.
House: Could you stop flocking around me like a bunch of ducklings?
Cameron, Chase, and Foreman: No.
by E. R. S. June 04, 2006
28 8
Someone who was once ugly but grew into their hottnes and still retains the nice personality they had when they were ugly.
Greg: "Man that girl is hot."
Adam: "She's nice too, straight up duckling."
by futurecornstar December 15, 2009
20 5
the coolest duck in the world with the nicest duck butt; sticks in the air while walking like a duck
Yo yo, daym that duckling sure looks mad fly walkin' down the street.
by Jen xP May 04, 2004
12 7
another term for L.S.D.
"Take the duckling!"
by cheapbook September 01, 2004
11 12